Center for Entrepreneurship Venture Cafe hosts Rob Painter

venture-cafe-template_rob-painter-1The Center for Entrepreneurship’s Venture Café series hosts Rob Painter, managing director at Razor’s Edge Ventures, Oct. 24 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Living Learning Center 150. Painter will be talking about the venture world in this free event, open to the campus community.

Painter is a founding partner of Razor’s Edge Ventures, which focuses on funding technologies and businesses that target the challenges facing the defense and intelligence communities based in Silicon Valley, the Rocky Mountains, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Prior to his latest position, he was a Business Product Manager for Google, focused on supporting and providing technologies for global humanitarian assistance and disaster response.  Painter was also Chief Technologist and Senior Manager for Google Federal. Before joining Google, he served as lead on several successful venture investments including Keyhole (Google Earth) and @Last Software (Google SketchUp), both that were later acquired by Google.

Rob received his undergraduate degree from Ohio University in environmental geography and computer science, and then went to complete his graduate work at George Washington University in engineering management and leadership. In his first position out of School, Painter worked as the GIS Specialist and IT Systems Manager at the earliest iteration of the Voinovich School – the Institute for Local Government (ILGARD).

Painter will give a short talk about his work, then the floor will be opened for a dialogue between Painter and the audience. This will provide students a casual opportunity to speak with a fellow Bobcat about his work in entrepreneurship.

<Link to Rob’s LI profile:;


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