Exploring Voinovich’s Impact: The Voinovich Collections

By Ellenore Holbrook

Former Senator George V. Voinovich served as a public servant of Ohio for more than 45 years and was elected to more offices than any other person in Ohio’s history. Throughout his career, he was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives, served as the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, as Mayor of Cleveland, Governor of Ohio, and finally US Senator. His life and work in government, his meetings, memos, decisions, policies, communications and more have all been saved, organized and archived.

The Voinovich Collections are archives comprised of the Mayoral Collection, the Gubernatorial Collection, the Senatorial Collection, and the Campaign Collection. The best way to begin learning about the archives and all it has to offer is through the online portal, which can be found at www.voinovichcollections.library.ohio.edu. While the online tool is not all encompassing of what the archives have to offer, it provides a helpful search feature as well as digital renderings of some of the documents located in the physical collection.

The goal of the archives and the website is to help disseminate the collected materials and the knowledge that can be gathered through them. Senator Voinovich impacted millions of people during his service, and with the preservation and use of the archives, his impact can continue to live on.


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