Environmental Studies professor presents research internationally

Sam Miller

As part of his long-standing international work, Derek Kauneckis, associate professor of environmental studies in the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, presented research at the EcoSummit 2016 conference in Montpellier, France on August 30. The conference included 1,500 delegates from 75 countries and featured research from environmental scientists working at many of the world’s premier research institutes. This year’s theme, “Engineering Solutions,” focused attention on the intersection of ecology and engineering toward finding solutions for environmental problems.

Kauneckis presented research from the Water for the Seasons (WFTS) project called “Resilient Rivers.” This session focused on how different methods of engagement with climate sciences can lead to new ideas on how to redesign river system to better respond to changing hydro-climatic conditions. Additionally, he presented a research poster by MSES student Azamat Tashev on ecosystem services production in arid river systems.

Following the day’s events on August 30, Kauneckis and other members of the Mountain Research Institute hosted a mixer for attendees at The Black Cat Tavern, nestled in the city of Montpellier. This event was a chance for experts and their peers to come together in a casual setting to discuss their research in global change issues in mountain regions and possible solutions for the problems currently being faced. The mixer was coordinated by Kauneckis and colleagues at the Mountain Research Institute, who are from several different countries.

On the way back from Montpellier, Kauneckis presented research at the American Political Science Association (APSAs) annual meeting in Philadelphia from September 1 – 4. His presentation, “Innovating from Below: The Landscape of Local Climate Policy Innovation in the United States,” was based on research from the Local Climate Policy Project. He also chaired two sessions, “The Politics of Environmental, Energy, and Food Policy Issues” and “Politics and Policy of Urban Transit.”

“Presenting at conferences, such as these, allow other faculty members and myself to contribute to what the Voinovich School stands for: helping contribute to the greater good,” Kauneckis said.


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