Students invited to submit presentation proposals for Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference

Students are invited to submit proposals for presentations for the 2017 Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference Student Summit.

Renew, Restore and Regenerate is the 2017 conference theme, to be held on Mar. 26 at the College Park Marriot Hotel and Conference Center in Hyattsville, Maryland. The second annual summit is designed to create a space for higher education students from across the country to learn and share experiences on their campuses. The event is co-hosted by American University and the University of Maryland.

Students will participate in curated workshops to develop their skills and converse about creating an overall positive impact on regenerative design, zero waste and resilient communities. The goal is to have students learn tangible actions that can be brought back to their home campuses.

Students interested in leading one of the 30-minute sessions at the summit are encouraged to submit a proposal and use different styles of presentations with time for discussion. The topic must fit into one of the four categories listed below:

  1. Renew, Restore, Regenerate
  2. Food, Consumption and the Built Environment
  3. Outreach
  4. Climate Justice

Proposals are due before midnight on Jan. 30, and the deadline to register for the conference is Mar. 18. For information, check out the conference’s website.


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