English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) spring offerings

Ohio University’s English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) offers a number of opportunities to help students develop strong communication skills, including graduate student courses and the writing and critical reading labs.

Accessible to all students, international and domestic, the ELIP offers free graduate writing labs with in-person tutoring. Sessions last 45 minutes; tutors provide feedback on course assignments, research papers, thesis work or dissertations. While tutors will not correct student papers, they will give students the resources to improve their papers independently. Students can register for tutoring online here or come on a walk-in basis. Sessions are offered 6–9 p.m. Monday-Thursday in Gordy 009.

There is the option to take one of the courses (ELIP 5140) for students enrolled in online coursework. Online tutoring is another option for students taking online classes.

For those who want to devote regular time to the development of English language skills, ELIP also offers semester-long courses. This semester, courses include “Writing and Research—Thesis and Dissertation” (ELIP 5160), “Graduate Reading and Writing” (ELIP 5120), “Oral Communication for the Graduate Researcher and Presenter—The Oral Defense” (ELIP 5320), “Academic Writing in Graduate Studies” (ELIP 5140), “Critical Reading and Analysis” (ELIP 5100) and “Oral Communication in Graduate Studies” (ELIP 5300). The ELIP 5160 course offers two sections, one of them being specifically for science graduate students.

Visit ELIP’s website or contact Dawn Bikowski at bikowski@ohio.edu or visit her office in Gordy 367 with any questions.elip-spring-2016-17-grad-courses


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