Athens Food Policy Council: A space for grassroots organizing

The Athens Food Policy Council is a voluntary group of small business owners, non-profit staff, Ohio University students and community members. The organization’s mission is to grow healthy, equitable, and sustainable food systems in the Athens region through understanding and policy work around food security, economic development and renewable energy.

The council members are currently working on two initiatives. One is a community needs assessment and the other involves researching a potential sugar tax, which would ideally generate funds to support increasing fresh food in schools or creating access to more water fountains throughout Athens.

Anyone with a passion for sustainable agriculture, renewable energy or local economies is welcome to join the Athens Food Policy Council. The organization has no membership requirements and encourages people of all interests to join. Full council meetings are open to the public.

“Contributing to the Athens food system has been a way for me to combine my love of the Athens community with the work I am doing in the MPA program every day,” Megan Conkle, Voinovich School Master of Public Administration (MPA) candidate, said.

The council is an opportunity to gain experience working in a team-based environment at a grass roots level. It is a chance to network both locally and statewide by connecting with other councils across Ohio. The organization also serves as a community for feedback on new ideas.

For more details, contact or visit the Athens Food Policy Council Facebook page or website.



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