Caroline Boone

Caroline Boone pic Caroline Boone is a senior HTC Political Science major with a minor in Spanish. She has been a Voinovich School Undergraduate Research Scholar for two and a half years, working primarily with the PEER group. Over summer 2013 Caroline interned with the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio as one of eleven students selected to participate in the Columbus Foundation’s Summer Fellowship Program.  While there, she conducted a research project for the Women’s Fund on the status of funding for programs and organizations that support women and girls in the central Ohio area. Caroline am in the process of writing a thesis in Political Science on women leaders of non-profit organizations in Appalachia Ohio.  The project is interview-based and will examine the individual leadership experiences, approaches, and development as told by women who are the CEO, President, or Executive Director of their organization. Caroline’s advisor on this project is Dr. Lysa Burnier. As displayed through her thesis project, Caroline is interested in learning about the experiences among women leaders as a result of characteristics unique to the non-profit sector or the Appalachian region. After graduation, Caroline plans to pursue a master’s degree in Public Administration with a focus in Non-profit Management.


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