Hannah Ticoras

559347_10202127622813350_1455070685_nHannah Ticoras is an Undergraduate Research Scholar in the Communications Department of the Voinovich School. She manages this blog, as well as other social media outlets for the School. She is a junior HTC English major, pursuing a minor in Film and a certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies. When she’s not critically analyzing every form of media she comes across, Hannah also likes to write nonfiction and perform stand-up comedy and improvisational comedy. Hannah is also a hospice volunteer for the Athens County Visiting Nurses Association, and a frequent volunteer at the SE Ohio Food Bank in Logan.

When she graduates, Hannah would like to work in communications or fundraising or anything in a social justice non-profit, teach supplementary sexual education to public school children, and run her own online publication that works to increase representation online that has offices in the back of her combination coffeeshop/gluten-free vegan diner that transforms into a comedy bar at night that Maria Bamford performs at every Friday.

Are you a Voinovich student or Undergraduate Research Scholar with an idea for a post? Contact Hannah about writing for this blog at ht801510@ohio.edu


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