Jeremiah Asaka

I am originally from the Kochogo village of Awasi Location in Kisumu County, Kenya. Growing up as a child my dad endeared me to nature through his love for nature documentaries especially Sir David Attenborough’s British Broadcasting Corporation documentaries about life on Planet Earth.  I remember with such nostalgia the evenings we sat in the living room watching “The Living Planet” aired by Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in the early 1990s.

In 2007 I graduated from Maseno University with a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) degree. I then proceeded to work with a Nairobi based Environmental Consultancy firm as a Environmental Impact Assessment consultant for two and half years before relocating to the United States for further studies.

Currently, I am a second year Masters student of Environmental Studies at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. I serve as a Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Dabelko with a focus on Environment, Peace and Security. I am also the 2013/2014 President of African Student Union at Ohio University.

My research interests are in the areas of Sustainability, Climate Change and Africa, Global Environmental Change and Natural Resource Management with a focus on the Arid Lands of East Africa particularly Northern Kenya.

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