Jim Blazey

Jim Blazey is very interested in the politics concerning East Asia. These interests include natural gas in East China Sea, Sino-Japanese territorial disputes, and tension on the Korean Peninsula. He is also interested in US policy and its impacts on society. Lastly, he enjoys reading about upcoming elections on the local, state, and federal level.

In his spare time, Blazey enjoys reading biographies of public officials such as former presidents, secretaries of state and secretaries of defense. He also enjoys history books mainly associated with Eastern Asia. Blazey is a bike enthusiast, and uses the Athens bike path frequently. He also enjoys the fine arts and music in particular. He was in the Marching 110 for five years and appreciates the experience and friendships he gained in this organization. Blazey graduated in 2013 from Ohio University, and is in his first year of the MPA program at the Voinovich School. You can reach him at jb320408@ohio.edu.


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