Mathew Roberts

Mathew Roberts Mathew is a senior Journalism-Strategic Communications major at Ohio University with an Environmental Studies certificate and a specialization in “Sociology of the Environment.” He is a Voinovich Undergraduate Research Scholar at CE3, the Editor-in-Chief at College Green Magazine, and a LINKS Peer Mentor.

Over Summer 2013, Mat worked at the Sustainable Agriculture Apprenticeship in Valparaiso, Indiana. Mat has worked with other online entities like and to bolster their social media presence, as well as various student organizations.

Mat is a member of the Ohio University Sierra Student Coalition, and was the Creative Director for the National Student Advertising Competition from Fall 2012 – Spring 2013.

When he’s not working or doing school work, he enjoys vegetarian cooking, gardening, and Mario video games. After graduation, Mat plans to work in environmental activism, creative advertising, and/or sustainability research with public project implementation. He hopes to live in a highly progressive city, preferably in the Northeast or along the Pacific Northwest, continuing his efforts as an eco-warrior. Check out his LinkedIn here!

Mathew Roberts


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