Seaira Christian-Daniels

Seaira Christian-DanielsSeaira is a senior Journalism student with a Spanish certificate at Ohio University. Currently, she is an Undergraduate Research Scholar at the Voinovich School and a writer for Ohio University Communications and Marketing. She used to anchor for WOUB News.

Seaira’s research interests include migration, geo-political issues, environmental issues, and the geo-political ramifications of environmental issues. In April 2013 she presented a paper entitled “A Comparison of the Production Style and Format of Spanish and English-language Network News” at the Broadcast Education Association‘s annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was advised by Mary Rogus, Associate Professor of Journalism.

She enjoys singing during road trips, both alone or for an audience — as well as Salsa dancing. When she graduates, Seaira wants to work for the American University of Cairo and earn her master’s degree in geo-political studies and migration.

Seaira Christian-Daniels


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