Athens StartUp Weekend — a observer’s video blog

By: Zoe Graham

I saw the words “StartUp Weekend” on the Center for Entrepreneurship’s calendar print out in my binder, but honestly couldn’t articulate more than, students create their own StartUp company’s in a weekend. Phyllis Bohning an enthusiastic coordinator with the Center for Entrepreneurship, which sponsors StartUp weekend, convinced me that it would be worth my time to cover this event. And man oh man, I’m glad I did. Here is my experience following participants in a not so typical 54 hour weekend.

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Hopeful Week 8

This week started with a bang, to say in the least. I had originally planned to be out of town mid-week for my mother’s birthday and a dentist appointment (need to get that in before the move!), which made

the week crazy enough. Now, I have a job interview Wednesday morning in Washington D.C.—super exciting? Yes. Totally messed with my plans this week? Also yes, but I’ll take it! Now, I’m gearing up for a drive this afternoon to Washington D.C., and I’ll be back in Athens (900 miles and roughly 16 hours of driving later) on Friday—Wish me luck!

Aside from the crazy travel schedule, classes are beginning to come to a close. We have our Economic Development Policy presentation next Wednesday, where I’m focusing on rural economic development—there’s also a paper component that I need to start drafting. I have to start thinking about my fundraising plan, also due during finals week. Also on my plate is my portfolio defense on next Tuesday (Eeeep!!).

To make things more complicated, we have to start thinking about the move. If I get a job, when it will happen; if I don’t have a job, when it will happen; renting a truck; finding an apartment; getting settled; yadda yadda yadda.

One thing at a time. Travel, school, move. If I focus on more than one at a time, I might go crazy.

Remember when I said I was ready to get out of school? Looks a little scarier now that it’s almost here!

Hope everyone has a less stressful Week 8 than I do!


Spring Fever

It’s only week two of spring quarter, and I am already feeling the pressure! I don’t usually start feeling this way until about week 7, but things are different this quarter since it is my LAST quarter before I graduate!

There are plenty of things to keep me busy over the next few months. First and foremost, my thesis work is taking major priority in my life right now. Most days you can find me on the quiet floor of the library typing away. The recommended date to have your thesis turned in to your committee is May 4th, so that gives me just five short weeks to turn in my best work.

This quarter will also be busy with exciting developments at the Ecohouse. We are still in the process of turning our garden into a functional community garden space. We have already built four raised beds and will continue having garden work days to construct more plots for students or interested community members. If you’re interested in volunteering or having a plot, please contact me!

In addition to the community garden project, spring is a busy time at the Ecohouse for tour groups and workshops. One of my roommates and I will be hosting a workshop for Earth Month on how to make your own eco-friendly soap and laundry detergent. There is also going to be a permaculture workshop April 14th and 15th, and there is still space available to participate if you’re interested. I will also be leading a composting workshop the first week of May for International Compost Awareness Week.

On top of all these things going on, I will need to fulfill my 14 project hours required of me at the Ecohouse, apply for graduation, apply for jobs, and successfully defend my thesis. While all these things are stressful, I can still say that with the arrival of the warm weather I have contracted a case of Spring Fever! Although my to-do list is long, I can’t help but feel energized and excited about the changes and new opportunities ahead.