Zoe Graham

Zoe Graham

Zoe is an undergraduate senior pursuing a Marketing degree at Ohio University’s College of Business. She is also pursuing a Studio Art Minor and a Global Leadership Certificate. Along with her position as an Undergraduate Research Scholar at the Voinovich School, Zoe has been involved in many other projects through the Global Leadership Center with director Greg Emery. In Fall of 2010, Zoe collaborated with Nha Trang University students on a marketing consulting project for the Khanh Hoa Television Station. Then, in Winter of 2011 Zoe worked as a small group consultant for Ghanian gender equality focused non-governmental organization, The Center for Sustainable Development Initiatives (CENSUDI). She focused on web marketing and search engine optimization. In the same year, Zoe collected research on the practices of the Hindu community of New Vrindaban in West Virginia. She researched the link between ideology and economic status in this Appalachian region. The report was published in the Harvard Pluralism Project, a national publication aimed at understanding the changing contours of American religious demography.

In 2012 Zoe worked on two very exciting projects. First, in the spring,  she worked with the Transatlantic Relationship Blog. This was a blog sponsored by the German Embassy in Washington D.C. aimed at facilitating discussion of the economic, social, and political factors that link the U.S. and Germany. After helping the blog attain 25,000+ views, Zoe and her team presented the completed project to German and American diplomats at the German Embassy and the U.S. Consulate in Leipzig, Germany. In the winter Zoe contributed to Project Air Force for the RAND Corporation. She studied and presented on current issues in the Middle East and North Africa with a focus on Iran to the RAND Corporation in Washington D.C.

This year, Zoe is working as an Undergraduate Research Scholar in the Communications department of the Voinovich School. After graduation, Zoe plans to volunteer for AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps, hopefully with a focus on gender equality programming.


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